places to stay

There are some wonderful places to stay within Debenham

Airbnb is a popular way to rent a room or house to stay with locals.

Airbnb website


Self catering

Cobblers cottage is a 3 bedroom cottage located on the High Street of Debenham.   Sleeps up to 6


Book through J Meikle, who lives in the village at or 07799 883464


Debenham Mill

Luxury self catering accommodation for 2 in this converted mill.  Star gaze from the hot tub or enjoy the rural views from the sun room.

More details and booking here


Flint cottage is a self catering cottage available for holiday breaks in the heart of Debenham for 2 people and 1 well behaved dog

Book here


The Little Cooperage is a lovely self catering accommodation within Suffolk on Aspall Road.  Well behaved dogs welcome

Book here



Bed and Breakfast

If you know of other places which provides local accommodation for those wishing to stay in or near Debenham, let us know.

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