The Parish Council approved a play strategy for the village at its February 2021 meeting and is now out for public consultation until the end of March 2021.

Read the full strategy here.  (PDF document)
Your comments on the Strategy are very much encouraged.  Please email your views to the Parish Clerk at by 31 March 2021.
Basically it proposes a new approach to outdoor play provision, with all the existing Play areas remaining, and improved, and a new premier play facility in the woodland vicinity.
The new approach proposes new facilities, more rustic, in their appearance, more adventurous,  and more In tune with nature. We propose locally designed by our children, locally built by community volunteers, and materials sourced locally.
Proposed Future Provision
 The following is an assessment of the works necessary to individual Play areas across the village, in order to comply with the strategy.
1) Neighbourhood Plan Development Site DEB 3 Ipswich Road
  New play area to be created as the development occurs.
2) Neighbourhood Plan Development Site DEB 4 Low Road
 New play area to be created as the new development occurs.
 3) Lower Gardeners Road
New replacement facility required. First test of ‘New Approach’.
4) The Meadows Play Area
Responsibility of MSDC, no recommendations as it is a relatively new facility.
5) Raedwald Way
As 4 above.
6) Upper Gardeners Road
Replacement swings, and ‘springy’ animals. New safety surfacing  required. Minimal painting of play frames.
7) Leisure Centre
Responsibility of the Leisure Centre. A new facility requiring no attention.
8) Recreation Ground
Consolidation of existing equipment, with the creation of new facility, to   incorporate new car parking initiative. The addition of new safety surfacing.
9) Primary School
If negotiations are successful with the school to open up the play facilities  at appropriate and convenient times, then a maintenance programme,  with resultant costs, will need to be shared with the school.
10) Neighbourhood Plan Development Site DEB 5 Aspall Road
New facility to be created, with revised car parking and traffic movement  measures to accommodate ‘pinch point’ issues adjacent to the school.
11) New Premier Play Facility Site. (Yet to be identified, possibly the Woodland area vicinity)
The concept of a new Premier Play Facility in the Woodland area, has the   benefit of being able to be created in the way that this strategy has promoted. That is, an exciting, challenging, but safe, ’rustic’ type facility, designed by our children, with materials sourced locally, and constructed by our local volunteers and organisations. The new facility can make use of the natural environment, educate the young, and provide another significant stimulus for community cohesion.
Furthermore, it is strategically located close to DEB 5 in 10) above. That being the case, it may be possible for developer contributions, in the longer term, towards maintenance and replacement costs.
As the Parish Council is looking at provision for all ages and abilities, we are also considering facilities such as those illustrated below.  Your comments on these are welcomed.
illustration of example play equipment
illustration of example play equipment

Play Strategy Working Group:

Focussing on play areas and play provision in the Parish


Lead: Cllr Steve Palframan

Cllr Frankie Winrow-Giffin 

Cllr Richard Blackwell

Cllr David Seccombe