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Debenham provides a wealth of local services to those living in Debenham and the surrounding area. These pages provide more detailed information on the services available. In all cases, they also provide information on any terms and conditions and guidance on how to submit an entry. And as a community web site, all listings in all categories are FREE. For convenience, they have been split into a number of sub-pages as follows.....

  • For Sale/Wanted ads - Ads page where local residents can offer items For Sale/Wanted or services Offered/Wanted
  • Business Directory - Local businesses including name, product or service offered and contact details. Where available, a link is provided to the company web site.
  • Home Based Services - Not a business or a club but loosely described as casual, home based sellers offering a variety of goods and services.
  • Places of Worship - Debenham and the surrounding area is blessed with a number of churches of different faiths and denominations. Here you can identify a church near you and find the necessary contact details. 
  • Schools, Colleges & Libraries - Covers the pre-school, primary school and high schools in Debenham plus links to nearby colleges and the Debenham Resource Centre.
  • Meeting Venues - List of places in Debenham and surrounding area where rooms can be hired together with capacity, cost and bookings details
  • Parish Magazine - Published monthly in and around Debenham. Contains advertising rates and contact details
  • Find a Friend - Perhaps find long lost friends if you ever lived or worked in Debenham

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