Invitation to cost of living forum - 24 Feb 2023

Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk want to hear from organisations or individuals who know about how the cost of living crisis is affecting people in your community.  What kind of problems are people coming to you with?  Where are the gaps?

We are therefore inviting people to come to a cost of living forum on 24th February 2023.  Let’s build up a picture of what problems are coming up locally, and then we can start to look at how to tackle them. 

The forum will be held on Zoom at 10am.  Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk will give an update on the cost of living to set the scene.  Then we will break into smaller groups to talk about key themes.  The groups will share what they think the main challenges are, what is working well and what gaps there are.  It’s an opportunity to build partnerships and to share thinking about how to tackle the issues we have identified through a next steps process.

At Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk, we only have one view of how the cost of living crisis is affecting people.  We use the evidence we have to look for ways to improve things for people.  If we don’t know how the cost of living crisis is affecting people in your community with then there’s a risk they might be overlooked when we discuss further work to help people.

If you would like to attend, please email

If you would like to pass on any comments or views, please contact Dina Bedwell, Parish Clerk at or any of our Parish Councillors (see for email addresses).  Alternatively, speak with any of the volunteers at the Monday Warm Hub at Dove Cottage


Anglia Care Trust's  Money Advice team have published a booklet to help you save money on everyday living costs, to try and tackle the rising cost of living.

Full of tips on how to save money on your utility bills, on fuel, subscriptions, shopping and lots more, it’s useful for anyone struggling and wanting to find the best deals around.

For more information on the Cost of Living challenge see; 



Cost of living support from Mid Suffolk District Council


Local Welfare Assistance Scheme - Financial support

The new and improved Local Welfare Assistance Scheme is available to assist towards increased costs such as: food, energy, clothing and other household costs.

 Members of the public can now apply directly to LWAS via the SCC website on this link: Apply for Local Welfare Assistance - Suffolk Council


Please encourage those that you are supporting to apply themselves, alternatively you can also support your clients to apply.

 There is a two-step process for the new platform: 1) eligibility checks, and 2) uploading evidence to support an application.

 There are two ways to make an application: 1) as a member of the public (which you can assist with) or 2) with support from Suffolk Citizens Advice or a Local Authority.

 Successful applicants will be eligible for financial support via either a BACS transfer to the applicant’s bank account or a Post Office ‘cash out’ voucher sent by email and/or text.

 The Cost of living support | Suffolk County Council can also be viewed for wider forms of support in Suffolk.

 For any queries please contact