Debenham Shed

What is Debenham Shed? A place to make things by yourself, with guidance or with others. It could be in metal, cloth, wood or plastic. We have lots of tools and sourcing materials. You may want to repair or make new—the limit is your imagination. It is also for social connecting and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. Debenham shed is open to all adults.

Debenham Shed is at 2 Fields Farm, a community supported farm on the outskirts of Debenham. We are open on Monday mornings 9am-12pm, Fridays 10am-5pm and normally the second Saturday morning of each month.

Constructed from four joined containers, our workshop includes a large working area with workbenches and some fixed machine tools. Power tools now include a range of new Makita cordless tools, wood and metal lathes, power saws, pillar drills, etc. A small store holds lots of hand tools for woodworking and engineering. A galley kitchen keeps us supplied with refreshments and has cooking facilities. A woodworking area is in development to house larger machines, which is an extension of the main shed. Outside is a Kazuba composting toilet, suitable for disabled access.

Members work on their own projects, help other people or work on group projects including some community projects. You can attend three sessions free before joining, and after that there is a flat rate membership for a year or six months, or for occasional visitors there is a Pay as You Go option. For current rates visit the website. All adults are welcome, but no dogs please!

We are affiliated to the UK Men's Shed Association. providing community spaces for men and women to connect, converse and create. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun and you can share skills, tools and ideas.

Contact details:

The Debenham Shed is at 2 Fields, Low Road, Debenham (nearest postcode IP14 6BJ).

Debenham Shed Officers:

  • Rob Davies 07952 556152 (Chairman)

  • Tony Hutt 07906 614328 (Treasurer)

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