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Before you ask Dina.....

It is more than likely that a question you are just about to speak to or email Dina about (Dina is our wonderful Parish Clerk, in case you were wondering...), is actually something that someone else has already asked.  
So please do check this page first before picking up the phone or starting that email, because the answer might well be right here...

When are the Parish Council meetings held?

All the dates are on our Meeting dates and papers page on this website.  You are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.  

How do I make a comment on a Planning Application?

Mid Suffolk District Council have webpages where you can search for applications which have been submitted to them for consideration.  You can submit your comments directly on their website.  The Parish Council is asked also to consider applications in its locality before it goes to Committee at Mid Suffolk.

How do I report a pothole or other issue with the Highway?

The quickest and easiest way to do this is via the online reporting tool.  This way you can see if someone else has already reported the defect and give details of the issue directly to Suffolk Highways (you can even upload photos of the problem)
Online reporting is by far the speediest way to alert the highways teams of an issue to be investigated.  It is quicker than contacting the Parish Clerk, Parish Council or even local politician.


I'd love to get an allotment, how do I go about getting one in the village?

answer coming soon!


Argggghhhh! Dog fouling! It's driving me insane - how do I report it?

Mid Suffolk District Council have an online form to report it.  You can also use the form to report other nusiances such as abandoned vehicles and fly-tipping.

What day is our recycling collected? How do I get garden waste collected?

All questions relating to waste, including local recycling centre opening hours, details of how to report a missed bin, how to organise a collection of bulky waste and so much more can be found at Mid Suffolk District Council's waste pages.

When do the bus services run?

Suffolk on Board keeps their website up to date with the bus service timetables.  You can also refer to our "getting around" page.



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