Advertising your club or organisation is FREE. We encourage all local clubs, organisations, societies, specialist groups etc to advertise your presence on these pages.

This helps local residents, potential residents and visitors alike. Please provide as much information as possible within the space allowed but note that we can provide you with additional 'mini' web site pages if required.

You can also register and build your club website through 'onesuffolk' which offers free web space to community groups.

Please follow the Guidelines for Advertisers to submit an entry

Using Debenham Website

This website is provided as a repository for information relating to all of Debenham and the surrounding area. Organisations in particular may find the following pages useful.....

  • Events Calendar - Lists all known events in and around Debenham. In most cases, a link is provided for additional details. It can also be used as a forward planner whereby organisations can publish details of their events as far in advance as they wish. This enables them to see what other events are planned and maybe avoid events clashing. An entry can be just a date and a title as a placeholder with details to follow later

    We also have a 'loose' coupling between local community websites in OccoldRedlingield and Thorndon whereby events with a wider appeal are advertised on their respective Event Calendars.

  • Organisations - Organisations can list their details in this directory giving a brief description and including e.g. contact details and a link to that organisations' website. We can also provide mini-websites for any organisation that doesnt have one

  • Meeting Venues - A list of meeting places in Debenham available to any organisation

  • Parish Magazine - Details on the Parish Magazine and how organisations may wish to make use of it
  • Village News - Organisations can submit news items perhaps detailing achievements, events, appeals etc. This keeps everybody informed and raises the profile of the individual organisation. Such news items are retained for around 12 months

  • Photogallery - Can be used by any organisation to publicise pictures of their recent events
  • Annual Reports - An annual Parish Meeting is held by Debenham Parish Council and seeks to encourage all local organisations to report progress over the previous 12 months. All reports are then published fror the benefit of all

  • Twitter - Follow #DebenhamVillage on Twitter and use it to publicise your events

  • Facebook - Follow DebenhamVillage on Facebook and use it to publicise your events

  • Survey Design Service - This provides a design service for any local organisation or non-profit body to conduct a online and/or offline survey for the purposes of e.g. seeking opinions, market research etc

  • Email Alert Service - This service invites people to submit their email address which will then be used to send out email alerts e.g. police notices, lost and found, extreme weather alerts etc. Currently, there are 100+ recipients on the list. However, the service can also be used by any organisation wishing to e.g. advertise a major event. 

  • Debenham Community Association - Maintains a list of all organisations and their contact details enabling any organisation to contact all others.

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