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In November 2012, Debenham Library Group had developed a survey which was to be used to assess public reaction to proposed Library changes. This was initially prepared as a paper survey but the Library Group wanted to offer it as an online option as well.

The current website system does not support such a facility but a commercial option was identified (Survey Monkey) which appeared to do all that was required. The online survey was therefore developed, tested and released in December 2012. The level of responses was very encouraging and the survey closed in January 2013.

In order to achieve the number of questions required and the ability to handle a large number of responses, Debenham Parish Council purchased a license for the use of Survey Monkey. As a result, it can now offer a service to other community groups who may wish to conduct a survey.

Feature Highlights

Survey Monkey contains a huge number of features to help with the creation and analysis of your survey. I recommend you visit for a full description. Presented here is a brief resume of the highlights.....

  • Use up to 15 different question 'types'. The best way to see these is to follow the online demonstration at
  • You can choose to make the question mandatory if you wish - the survey will not progress until the question is answered
  • Your survey will end up as a URL link. Distribute your survey by embedding this link in your website, email broadcast or post on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Allow respondents to see the results of the survey so far - or prevent it as you wish
  • At the end of the survey , provide a link back to your web page
  • Download the survey responses in a variety of formats e.g. report, spreadsheet etc for reporting your results
  • Customise ypur survey with your own logo or branding
  • Use 'skip logic' to only ask a question based upon the answer in a previous question

Online v Offline

Survey Monkey provides you with a sophisticated online survey. However, if you wanted to conduct a survey using both online and offline (paper) options, there are some useful features that you can use.....

  • Create your online survey and then generate that survey as a printable PDF which you can use as the paper version
  • Use a separate link to your online survey in order that you can input paper responses
  • Combine the results of the online and offline surveys into a single output for analysis

Case Study

The Debenham Library Group survey serves as a case study of a survey that was performed using Survey Monkey in both online and offline form.

This survey is now closed but you can try it out (any answers you provide will be ignored) by visiting.....

You can see the resulting analysis of this survey by downloading.....

Service Description

Debenham Parish Council will offer the following services to support your survey.....

  • Encoding of your questions/answers onto online pages and a link to the starting page
  • Advising of any 'inappropriate' quesions e.g. loaded, biased, dead-end etc
  • Iterating the initial design with you and making changes until you are satisfied it is OK
  • Supporting you during any beta testing (advised) during which you can make further changes
  • Clearing out of test results prior to you launching your survey
  • Providing you with one (or more) links to your survey
  • Providing you with a login to Survey Monkey so that you can see the results as they progress and to download the results upon completion
  • Email or telephone support at any stage


The Survey Design Service is initially being offered to local community groups and local non-profit organisations.

The cost for this service is £10 per question which compares very favourably with the cost of designing a bespoke survey. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of questions.

Use Contact Us if you would like to discuss options with no obligation.


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