Guidelines for Advertisers

Please follow these guidelines if you would like to submit an advert:

Each entry can consist of: 

  • Company name
  • Description (up to around 60 words) describing the product or service
  • Contact details
  • Link to own web site
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter etc

You may also include a picture or company logo representing your business (recommended) - pictures, logos etc can be any size but will be reduced to approximately 120 x 120 pixels. If you do not have a suitable logo, the Editor can probably find a cartoon icon or photo to highlight your business.

A Classification in which it will appear. You may also advertise the same business in multiple classifications. If an existing Classification does not exist, we will create one

There is no prescibed format for submission of entries - just Contact Us with all relevant information including text and logo/picture attachments if required

Adverts ore FREE but constrained as above

Additional services are available for businesses wanting their own 'mini' website and one-off event advertising - again, please Contact Us for details

HINT: The value of website advertising is, not so much that people will visit Debenham website to find you, but that the words you use will eventually pop up in Internet search engines. So choose your words carefully with this in mind!

Advanced Search

Use this facility to search for any words or phrases, not only on these pages, but also embedded in downloadable documents. And read a handy guide on search tips.


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