Guide To Keeping Safe – Debenham Green Team  litter pickers


Guide to Keeping Safe...


Thank you for helping to keep our community litter free. Before you begin please read the following… here are some reminders of things to consider whilst out doing your litter pick. Most are just common sense but all are important.


  • Please use  litter pickers and gloves at all times. Do not pick up litter with your bare hands. Do not open any vessels -contents could be toxic.

• Do not play with the litter pickers or walk with them at eye height.

• Do not pick up needles or other sharp items. Report  them to be picked up by  the   organiser who has equipment specific for the task.

• Do not pick up discarded dog dirt in bags.

Do not pick up heavy items or anything that appears to be fly tipping- you could disturb evidence that leads to prosecution. If possible please photograph it and contact Mid Suffolk Public Realm office, or send photo and location to the event organiser.

  • Keep alert when stepping into the road and picking up litter to the side of it. If it is a shared route keep vigilant at all times.Remember silent cyclists, electric cars, large fast vehicles and mobile phone users, not paying attention. Children should  pick up away from traffic - cul de  sacs, footpaths etc and always with adults.Wear a hi vis vest .

• Do not trespass on private property to pick up litter even if the area is covered in rubbish. Photograph and report it to organiser.

  • Take extra care on uneven ground and keep aware when walking near brambles, low hanging branches and nettles.
  •  Keep out of the river and do not lean too far in/over to get litter.

• Please return the litter pickers in the condition you received them.

• Wash your hands thoroughly asap and before eating.

• Please let us know before you begin if you have any medical conditions you think we should be aware of. In emergency , ring Joy Walton 07427 739552

Thats it. Keep safe and enjoy your litter pick. Why not share a photo of your litter pick on social media ,especially  Debenham village FB page.

 If you have any questions , or ideas, please share them with Joy .Enjoy your litter pick !!  


All litter picking is at your own risk.The organisers do not accept any responsibility  for accidents or incidents.