Broken links - are they yours?

I have run a links check across all 267 pages of the website and found 15 broken links. In each case the link has either been fixed or the offending cause has been removed as broken links give the website a bad reputation.

I list below the items that have been fixed or removed. Please Contact Us if it belongs to you and you want to fix it.

  1. Meeting Venues - Community Education Centre and Debenham Resource Centre - items removed (2 instances)

  2. Business Advertiser - The Cedar House - advert removed 

  3. Business Advertiser - B&G Decorators - advert removed (2 instances)

  4. Business Advertiser - Palmer's Country Homes - advert removed

  5. Business Advertiser - Crystal Clean Norfolk - Facebook link removed

  6. News - Police Cadets - removed

  7. News - Suffolk Local Policing Review - removed

  8. Misc - Debenham Players - need to be fixed or removed (5 instances)

By Barry Woods, Website Editor on June 3rd, 2017

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