The Active Wellbeing team at Active Suffolk are offering free physical activity support for inactive adults over the age of 50 across rural parts of Mid Suffolk. The free service is currently being offered to patients across Suffolk, including Debenham. Appointments are regularly offered in the area from the Debenham Leisure Centre and the Debenham Library where a Physical Activity Advisor will be at hand to offer free support.

With the support of one of the Active Wellbeing Physical Activity Advisors, patients are able to discuss their motivations to get active, different options that are available locally to them and overcome any barriers, issues or concerns they might have. The service is focused on the individual, and the Advisor will support patients through consultations, phone calls and on-going reviews to provide support, motivation and advice.

Anna and Steve accessed the Active Wellbeing service when it was offered in their rural village within Mid- Suffolk. Although the couple had been active in the past, it had been many years since they had engaged in any activity at all which had, had an impact on their bodies. 

Anna told her Physical Activity Advisor: “I had lost lots of muscle, strength and fitness, gained weight and had a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia” 

The couple both committed to the Active Wellbeing service in an attempt to improve their health and wellbeing, however they found the support also helped them to become better connected with people in their local community. 

“Go for it! We work very hard for our pension, and we owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies so that we can enjoy this time in our lives, and not suffer in bad health.”

Contact Active Suffolk today to book an appointment with the Debenham Physical Activity Advisor on 01394 444 605