Debenham Neighbourhood Plan

Key Community Action for Historic and Natural Environment


Debenham Parish Council are preparing to deliver the Debenham Neighbourhood Plan community actions.  We are now gathering all your ideas, from transport to leisure, to develop a prioritised and costed action plan.  Some of you have recently attended a meeting on transport and parking.

An important community action theme is to develop, enhance and maintain our historic and natural environment.  The Debenham Neighbourhood Plan identifies that we should encourage the opportunities to develop new woodland areas and open spaces together with the enhancement of biodiversity measures, and actively support pollution mitigation initiatives.  However, I think there is more we should consider.

I need your views on the actions and priorities for the historic and natural environment.   How do we protect and enhance our parish, not just the village, and make it a happy, vibrant and sustainable place to live and work?

Could you please contact me with your ideas.  Either through email or phone, or alternatively, I have set up an e-consultation survey where you can express your views.  Any idea, however big or small, would be welcomed.  I will be arranging to meet up with some local interest groups and if you would like me to attend your meeting please let me know.

David Seccombe     

                                                01728 860485


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