Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have adopted two new five-year strategies ensuring that residents in the districts have access to affordable accommodation and a safe place to live and call home.  

The ‘Homes and Housing Strategy 2019 -2024’ and the ‘Homelessness Reduction and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019 -2024’ will underpin the council’s decision making with the aim of creating a housing market where homes are more affordable, of high quality and meet the needs of local households.

The strategies have been developed with housing industry stakeholders, public sector partners and parish and town councils to establish a sense of belonging to people in the districts, strengthening communities and contributing to positive health and wellbeing.

The Homes and Housing Strategy commits the councils to a five-year plan of action to:

  • Develop effective solutions to local housing need, working with community groups and anyone able to develop and deliver homes in the Districts
  • Create more choice and ways of empowering residents to secure a long-term, stable home
  • Fully commit to a ‘one public sector’ approach – ensuring that as an organisation each area works towards the same goals, and that public money is utilised effectively.
  • Be open and transparent and provide regular updates

The Homelessness Reduction and Rough Sleeping Strategy commits the councils to:

  • Ending Rough Sleeping
  • Prevent Homelessness
  • Reduce the usage of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
  • Support vulnerable households to secure and maintain accommodation
  • Raise aspirations of positive health and wellbeing amongst Homeless people

Cllr Osborne said “Everyone needs and deserves somewhere to live and call home. Having a place to call our own give us a sense of belonging and contributes to positive health and wellbeing. These strategies are built on our commitment to our residents to live in affordable and high-quality homes in sustainable and thriving communities.”


Cllr Wilshaw said “Being able to provide adequate homes in the local communities is what we want to do. We will continue to work with property developers, and our communities to ensure that we provide the right homes in the right place. There are many challenges in the housing industry, and our goal is to provide support for all our residents providing a basic human right of having somewhere safe and warm to sleep.”




Homes and Housing Strategy 2019 -2024’ and the ‘Homelessness Reduction and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019 -2024’