I believe the values and understanding to prevent littering and ensure cleaning up after a dog, are learnt in the home and should then be discussed explained and re-enforced, via education both in schools (PSHE and citizenship) and via the media ( thank you ,blue Planet, but the word is still to be spread!!)

Ideally, there will be evolution, and the habit of a minority, of dropping litter and having dirty dog ownership habits , will cease. Fly tipping too, although there are more complex issues to be resolved with that crime.

However, until then , and towards that end, what can YOU do ?! Why bother, some may ask ? My reply is, in order to protect wildlife on land and in the sea, to maintain the beauty and high standards which contribute to well-being within your own community , and to reduce the pollution, particularly from micro-plastics, that is seeping into our land, seas and food chains.

Be assertive- start by communicating your expectation and standards- bin posters , as modelled by our very own bins, are now available to the people of Debenham, Parish Council approved .We have 100 to give out, in the hope that a weekly flash mob poster campaign might impact on the littering by both pedestrians and car owners.

Please contact me at joyw@btinternet.com to arrange collection-or collect them from me at the 9th Debenham litterpickers event, on Saturday 30th March at Dove Cottage 9.30am start.

Join Debenham litterpickers - anyone who picks up litter at any time , may consider themselves a member ! But, personal safety is paramount -

  • wear gloves and use a grabber
  • avoid very fast busy roadsides, only pick up on roadsides with a hi vis jacket on ,and in 2’s or more, so that someone is watching the traffic
  • Don’t open any bottles (they may contain urine or something worse! ) or containers
  • don’t disturb wildlife or fly tipping- report fly tipping to the Public Realm Office at Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council- they can and will do something ,if they are told about it.They are dependent on , and very appreciative of ,support in tacking this expensive , anti social crime.

Debenhamlitterpickers are a volunteer group who have cleaned up approx 1000kg of litter in the ditches, hedgerows, lanes, fields and green spaces in the Debenham Parish, for 5 years. This supplements the designated work of a contractor. The group is whole heartedly support by the Parish Council and BMSDC , the Campaign to Protect Rural England and Keep Britain Tidy . Wetheringsett, Framsden, Winston and Kenton also have volunteer groups .

We hold twice yearly pickups, and in between, many people clean up specific grot spots throughout the Parish of Debenham. See Facebook for the efforts of 5 a day, zilch, surfers against sewage, Wayne Dixon , Rubbish Walks , Trash girl fill a bread bag -and of course, Keep Britain Tidy.There is a national response by volunteer groups, to a national problem. And it is easy to take part.

Why pick up ? It feels better to do something that nothing- it is easy and empowering to do so-( and a more powerful and positive choice that the choice to drop it is ! ) - apparently, the less litter there is , the less litter there will be- and every piece that is picked up, is no longer there to be eaten by birds or mammals or to make it’s way into the food chain.