Suffolk County Council has been working with the operator of the 113 and 114 service, Galloway over reliability and punctuality on these supported routes. The company also realise that this is a serious issue and want to address it.

Customers will see a number of changes to the timetable at the beginning of September, most of which have no impact on the travelling public but which, due to the way that the service will be registered with the Traffic Commissioner, gives the company greater freedom to deploy driving staff to operate the service reliably. The outcome will be greater availability of drivers and the resultant ability of the drivers to work extra shifts without breaking driving hours rules.
The main change is that the route will now be split into two sections, one operating between Ipswich and Eye which will retain the 113 and 114 route designations. The second half of the route between Eye and Diss will in future be known as route 112. This will have no impact on passengers as the same bus operates both sections and there will be no need to change (save for journeys that terminate in Eye).
There are some very minor changes to timings as well to correct previous discrepancies. This has also allowed us to address the anomaly of there being no morning journey to Suffolk One.  This has been resolved so there will now be a journey morning and evening.

The timetable will be published at (check under “bus service updates”)