Mellis Parish Council have requested that the below information is circulated to all councils.  If you have any feedback to provide, please email Cllr Hilary Butler direct on or call 01379 783432

Mellis has been suffering at the hands of "green laners" (4x4 vechiles & motorcycles) who are using a historic/ local unsealed unclassified road despite offical SCC notices being displayed asking for them to restrain their activities to the drier periods of the year when they cause less damage to the surface.  The consequences of these activities are very sad to witness - deep deep ruts and thick mud rendering parts of the lane all but unusable by local walkers, cyclists and riders.  The other consequence is of course that it costs SCC a considerable sum to reinstate the surface at the CTPs expense.

MPC would be very interested to know if these problems are being experienced anywhere else in the County or is this an isolated problem.