Email Alert Service

This service is provided by Debenham Parish Council and designed to keep subscribers informed by email of any important notices or alerts which may be published from time to time.

These will normally be available on this website but the Email Alert Service is designed to be proactive so that you can be alerted to the item. You can un-subscribe from this service at any time.

Examples of such notices include:

  • Police alerts (information requests, recent crimes etc)
  • Council alerts (road closures, extreme weather, bin recycling etc)
  • Computer virus alerts
  • Major forthcoming events
  • Lost and found (keys, pets, money etc)

You sign up to this service by notifying us of your email address. This will be held locally and will NEVER be published on the Internet. By doing so, you are giving us permission to store and use your email address for the stated purpose under the terms of the Data Protection Act. And when an alert is sent out, all recipient email addresses will be 'hidden'.

The Website Editor will act as the Gatekeeper to ensure any alert sent is in the interests of the majority of the local community and meets the Parish Council standards of good taste and decency. You will not receive junk emails and we do not anticipate you receiving more than 2-3 such alerts per month.

You can also Request to Send an Email Alert. This can be used by any organisation or individual by using Contact Us with the details of the request and adding any attachments if applicable.

Please submit the following form - and take great care when typing your email address as any error is almost impossible to detect.....

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